How to Grow Your Business in Personalized Products

How to Grow Your Business in Personalized Products

Since personalized products are trending, many people decide to start an e-commerce in this field. But unfortunately, some of them failed growing their business, resulting in a decrease of sales and profits. Don’t let such thing ever happen to you. Check out these tips on how to grow your business in personalized products to ensure you increase your profit instead of losing it gradually.

  1. Take Feedbacks Seriously
    What your customers say might give you some insights of what you need to do to perfect your business, even if those are critics. As a matter of fact, critics are a good material to come up with improvement. You need to find out what can make your satisfied customers stay and order again. Just as much as you need to find a way to gain the trust back from the disappointed customers.
  2. Add More Variations, But Focus on Specific Niche
    Offering some new products every once in a while will draw your customers’ interest. Those who have ever ordered from you might want to make a new order again, while those who haven’t might consider ordering from you. Generally, people tend to choose a shop that sells more variations of products.Even so, it is a good idea to keep your products under one specific niche. For an example, if you start your business in personalized apparels like t-shirts and hoodies, you can add up with dress and baby jumpsuits. Or if your business was with eating/drinking goods like plates and mugs, you may add variations like jars or bottles.
  3. Manage A Social Media for Promotional Purpose
    The millennial era is the era of social media. It is an effective tool to engage with your customers, promote your business, and even to keep updated with the trend.Make sure to post new content regularly to grow your brand recognition and to maintain your engagement with loyal customers. If you are not sure how are you supposed to manage your social media accounts, you can hire a professional to handle this thing.
  4. Open Your Business for Bulk Order
    Depending on customer’s ordering one or two products for personal gifts will not take you much further. You need to catch some bigger fish. So when you think you have handled much personal orders, try to step it up with bulk orders, like wedding souvenir or seminar kit.One order with quantity is much more profitable than plenty single orders. It is easier to process because you only need to deal with one customer, repetitive production, and one delivery. Also, buying your supplies in big quantity is usually cheaper.
  5. Offer Personalized Packaging
    Sometimes people need some fancy packaging. They can use it for sending gifts or as special souvenirs. But bear in mind that not everyone is born gifted with handy finger and beautiful sense of art to come up with a special packaging.Offering a fancy personalized packaging with extra charge could give you some extra income alongside the personalized product itself. Also, your customers would be so pleased if they are planning to give the products to someone meaningful for them. And for those who don’t need it, they would not have to waste their money for it.
  6. Send Proposal to Companies
    Companies are your best bet for bulk orders as you can supply for their promotional products, seminar kits, and even customer’s gifts. Therefore, don’t wait up for them to come to you. Instead, you come to them and give them a reason to come to you.Send your proposal, offer them special prices, make them some sample products, anything to convince them to make their order at your company. Once they made an order, give them the best service and deliver them your best result. If they are satisfied, you can ask for some testimony to promote your business.
  7. Update Your Tech
    Personalized products are made possible by the technologies such as 3D printers and laser cutting. And as we all know, technology is growing rapidly. To stay relevant and advanced, you must keep yourself well-informed with the technology development regarding your business.As soon as you find out a new tech to produce better results for personalized products, take your time to see if it is possible for you to upgrade. How much does it cost? How can it give a faster and higher-quality of personalized products? How much your profit may increase as a result of tech-upgrade?

    It is important to be considerate in updating your technology as it is not a low-cost move. Even so, make sure your company is not left behind with old tech while your competitors are already moving forward with more efficient technology.

In creative industry, a creative mind is required. Keep educating yourself and try to think out of the box so you can come up with some unique strategies that stand your business out in the crowd.

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