Customify app supports multiple languages. It’s straightforward and also supports RTL. For translation menu, there are 3 central s: General, Toolbar, and Editor.

Here are the explanations for each part

  1. General: The main part of Customify front-end layout except for the toolbar and editor, you can change the language, so your customer is more comfortable with their language. Open up Customify App and then click on translation. After that, the general tab will appear:


    The default language is English. Select the language you want your customers to see and click on the update translation button. Refresh.

  2. Toolbar: You can also change the toolbar language to be your customer language. Toolbar features only appear at the top and bottom, as shown below.
    To change the language, click on translation toolbar tab, input the language, then select update translation. After that refresh your front page product.


  3. Editor Box: Editor box is a tool for your customer to edit their design such as color, font, inserting image and others. You can see the picture below:
    To translate it, you can select tool editor box tab, then input your customer language there.


    Don’t forget to update the translation.