Text Position

Text Position

We can specify the position of the image area from the element, and it will appear, we only need to define the image area element setting, or we can use the global setting.


To define global text setting, please select setting menu then choose text options in there. You will see the font setting :


At font setting, there is note “Set default specific area for the text. Leave zero (0) to let the system set position automatically.” That means if we define with 0, the text area position will be using Customify setting; you can change this text position with input the value on default x, default y, text-align, and font size.
– Default x: text position from left
– Default Y: position range from top
– Text align text style that you want to make text-align from the left or right, or center.
– Font size: define your font size as you want

After that click saves, if you want to apply this text for all product click button “apply to all product.”

To make a specific setting for some products, select the product name and goes to the text. In there you will see text position, define your position :


At the bottom, you will see text style and font-size.