Final Output Image

Final Output Image

There are two kinds of type file for final image after customer design their product. That is png and pdf. The final output image will be saved into three separated image, the front side, back side and the other one is print ready to design (image design by customer)



We can set pixel resolution the output for this image like we want and you can choose to visible the background color of the image or make it invisible.

To set the output image there is two option. one for global output, second for a specific product. for the global setting, you can go to customify app then click setting. select images then find “FINAL IMAGE OUTPUT SETTING”. On final output image setting box you can set the output width and choose show bases color.

Note: Bigger output Image affects to speed. So please consider it, sometimes lead to error.

For specific product select the product, then chose tab “Image”. Set the output width on box “final output width” and also don’t forget to select show base color.