Element Setting

Element Setting

Element setting is the main button or tool that appears at the front end of the Customify app. the button tool such as add text, add a gallery, upload image, etc.
You can disable or enable this button by selecting yes or no from customify admin area.




Element limits: How many layers can be used.

Show add to cart: If you want to enable it select yes. Or set to yes add to cart button will appear at the top of customizer area.



If you want to remove it, just click no.


Show product color:  color choice at right side area will show or not. If we select yes, it will appear in there.



Upload Button:  To add an image by uploading or getting the image from social media. If yes is selected “Add Image” will appear as shown below.


Show Text: Click “Yes” if you want this to be displayed.



For others button, you can enable or disable them and select save. Designs, QR code, center snap, etc.