Customify Order

Customify Order

This section is important. After the customer designs the product and makes an order, the design which has made by the customer will be sent directly to the admin, so admin can process all of the orders by printing the images or downloading.

All orders for customify will appear in the order tab area.

At the order area, admins can search the orders based on date or by keyword, just select the period, and then click search.




You can also see information in order area such as order number, product name, customer info, date, price, and manage option.

Order number: It’s your customer’s order number, and it’s the same as Shopify’s order number.

Product name: Name of the product ordered by customer.

Customer info: Information about the customer who buys the product.

Date: Shows the time when the customer bought the products.

Manage: Shows all design and custom products made by the customers. Just click on manage, and you will see the output of costumer’s image design. You can download it as pdf or image.



If you have any questions feel free to ask us, and we will be happy to help you.