Adding font

Adding font

Customify app can use Google font and custom font. First I will show you how to add font from google font, so your customer can choose font for their design.

Go to your customify app and select setting then choose text option tab :



At that page you will see font setting, Type of font will be provide by google font so you only need to put the font name and select which font you want to use.


After you choose your font name click setting to apply this setting for new product, if you want apply this setting for all products, you can click button “Apply to all your custom products”.

For input custom font follow this step :

Click setting menu at the bottom left, you will see at main page there are many menu and you can choose files



Next step upload your font, select which font you want to upload. After finish selecting the font, it will automatically upload to the server. For the sample I upload sheila bold font :




Font file successfully uploaded. Now, go to customify admin area then select setting and choose advanced setting



At custom css define your font style in there, without it we will not able to call our font, for defining font code :

font-family: "Your font name";
src: url(your url font) format("truetype");


Next, input your font name and url. Example, my font name is Sheila and for url is


So the code become like this :

font-family: "Sheila";
src: url(httpss:// format("truetype");

Then, We click save setting for new product or apply all products. So all products can use this custom font.

After we input on custom css, Don’t forget to input the custom name on our font list. Click text options and input on weblist font our custom font name :



You can choose “save setting” or “apply to all your custom product”, your own custom font is ready to use.